Welcome to backyard bay It's all about your backyard! We're here to turn that ordinary space behind your house into your own personal resort-style Backyard Bay. Michael Miller and a team of experts offer advice, tips and how to enjoy every moment here, in Backyard Bay. Listen Here Polaris Days are here! Save big on Polaris pool cleaners or get a free bag when refurbishing your old cleaner. READ MORE Yellow Pollen Everywhere! Keep the pollen from staining your pool.

Run the filter 24/7. That’s your first line of defense. Skim the pool with a good net. Use aluminum sulfate to bind the pollen into bigger clumps so it can be trapped by the filter. Otherwise you’ll have to vacuum it off the bottom of the pool. Click below for more ways to fight the yellow menace.
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The most secure swimming pool in the USA
The Air Force will send fighter jets on a moment's notice. It enforces a no-fly zone overhead. The Coast Guard patrols the beaches of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The Army maintains forces on the grounds. Presidents, heads of state and the rich and powerful swim in full security. Who would warrant such a close eye?

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