Grilling Tips

Barbeque champions love to cook.  Backyard Bay barbeque experts Tom Pirtle and Doug Scheiding find themselves in the backyard just about every other day cooking a favorite or trying something new.  Michael Miller asked Tom and Doug about their outdoor kitchens and what makes up their list of barbeque essentials on the Backyard Bay radio show broadcast on October 24, 2020.  The experts agree.  The key features of the ultimate outdoor kitchen include 4 grills, refrigeration, storage and running water.

A four grill set up was the experts’ consensus.  Start off with a built in gas grill that looks good and fires up quickly for hot dogs and hamburgers out by the pool.  Michael Miller loves the Primo ceramic grill he added to his kitchen.  Tom and Doug added a Traeger Grill to smoke, bake, roast and bbq with pure hardwood flavor.  Tom took his outdoor kitchen one step further adding a flat iron griddle for eggs, bacon and keeping pots warm.  “I have a Blackstone up here at the lake and I use it all the time,” said Tom Pirtle.

Our three experts agree.  A beer fridge is a must.  If there is any room left, you can also keep other foods cool and out of the elements.

Storage space adds convenience to the outdoor kitchen.  Keep some essentials outside to avoid extra trips back into the house.

Finally, take the plumbing out to the kitchen.  A sink with hot and cold running water finishes off the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Michael Miller says, “having the outdoor kitchen really is the great escape.”