Ready to jump in your pool?  It’s shimmers in the sunlight and it’s calling your name.  But, when do you take the plunge?  How warm does your swimming pool have to be for you to really enjoy it?  It’s certainly a matter of personal preference and how you feel in the water.  But, to get a professional viewpoint, the crack Backyard Bay research team turned to the American Red Cross and the Mayo Clinic.  Both agree that temperatures in the range between 83 and 86 degrees are both safe and comfortable.  Water in this temperature range allows the body to adjust naturally to physical demands of exercise without overheating or needing to conserve heat.

Competitive swimmers like it a little cooler.  The United States Water Fitness Association recommends a water temperature of 78 degrees.  For therapy and rehabilitation, the American Red Cross recommends warmer water heated to 91 to 95 degrees.  The temperature for children’s activities is best at about 84.  What do you think?  What’s your ideal temperature?