Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued the executive order a few months ago.  If you’re out in public, wear a mask.  The order specifies public places where masks are required and provides a few exceptions.  These tend to be safe places where masks are not needed.

Your backyard is one of those places!  According to the Governor’s executive order, you are NOT required to wear a face covering, “while the person is in a swimming pool, lake or similar body of water.”  That’s the exact wording from the official order.  It goes on to state that a mask is not required if “the person is exercising outdoors or engaging in physical activity outdoors.”

Recent studies back up the Governor’s conclusions.  Several studies have shown the effect of UV light, heat and humidity in weakening the virus.  Chinese studies show very few people infected outdoors.  The AMA published a study stating, “When one is outside with air circulation and wind, the virus is easily dispersed and less concentrated.”  Add those to a study from the CDC that declared that Covid-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool and hot tub water.

Turns out, the backyard is the place to be.  So, if you have a pool, send out some invitations to family and friends.  Let them enjoy the clean water and fresh air.  Get some exercise.  Cook some steaks.  Share some beverages and toast your good health…in the Backyard Bay.