Incredible Pools

How deep can you go?  One swimming pool in Italy has the Guinness Book of World Record for the deepest pool in the world.  How deep is it?  Keep in mind, the average deep end in a backyard pool in Houston is about 8 feet deep.  Olympic diving pools are 16 feet deep.  In this pool, you could drop a 10 story building to the bottom and it would be fully immersed.  This pool sits beside the Hotel Millepini about 20 miles from Venice, Italy.  It’s called the Y40 Deep Joy pool where guests can high dive, deep dive, free dive or do a deep scuba dive.

Plan ahead and you can book a room for about $150 a night.

The pool is 70 feet by 60 feet at its surface.  It plunges to a depth of 138 feet at the bottom.  The pool holds over 1 million gallons of water and is heated to a constant 90 degree temperature year round.

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