Incredible Pools

This one breaks the record.

The world’s record for the ‘Deepest Swimming Pool For Diving’ was awarded in June of 2021.  The deepest pool in the world is now 196 feet deep.  It contains 3.7 million gallons of water maintained at a cool 86 degrees year round.

Deep Dive Dubai

It’s invitation only now but soon the public will be able to splash around on the surface, do some snorkeling or take a scuba dive to the crystal clear depths below.  The UAE city of Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest shopping mall.  Why not the deepest swimming pool?

Indoor Pool

Deep Dive Dubai is inside a 5,000 square foot structure shaped like an oyster.  The facility includes a dive shop, gift shop and an 80-seat restaurant where diners can watch the swimmers and divers in the water.  Divers can explore the various depths of the underwater city that resembles an abandoned apartment building.

You’ll need a longer pole

Imagine scooping the leaves off the bottom of this pool!  Or, sweeping the walls!  NASA contributed some insight into keeping the water clean developing the filter technology.  The water is circulated every six hours through a filter system composed of siliceous volcanic rock and UV radiation.