Incredible Pools

A Backyard Bay fit for a king.

This pool is part of the Backyard Bay behind the second most visited home in the United States. The kidney shaped pool is modest by today’s standards measuring about 18 by 36 feet.  Elvis added the pool and patio in the very first renovation right after he bought the Memphis home in 1957.

No Peeking

If you take the Graceland tour, you can walk by the pool and peek through a fence but you’re not allowed in the actual pool area.  The pool has not been modified since it was built and is exactly the same as when Elvis did his first cannonball in the deep end.  The only thing added over the years was an automatic pool cleaner.  It’s a saltwater pool with a Prozone ozonator.  This Backyard Bay is so important, it has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Elvis loved to swim and was frequently photographed in the water.