Incredible Pools

Billy Joel is selling his Long Island getaway home. And, it’s a beauty! Imagine 26 acres of prime Long Island coastline real estate. a 20,000 square foot main house with a pool. A separate guest house with another pool! A helipad, bowling alley, wine cellar, floating dock, boat ramp and 2,000 feet of oceanfront shoreline.

Billy Joel spends most of his getaway time in Florida these days in another spectacular home. So, the Long Island home, Middlesea, is on the block for a cool $49 million.

Believe it or not, Middlesea had three swimming pools when Billy Joel bought the property. It was an indoor pool that was covered to create a music room. We’re not much on covering any kind of pool, but for a place where Billy Joel can make music? Okay.

The Piano Man is keeping his New York City home in Madison Square Garden. Billy Joel plays one concert a month in the Garden. He’s played 88 such shows and will contine as long as the demand continues. Those 88 shows have raked in about $200 million so far. Not bad for a part time job.

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