Incredible Pools

Imagine sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch. Just you and a beautiful view of the 4 acres of lush Tennessee countryside. The natural spring waterfall sounds so relaxing while the wind rustles through the trees. It might just provide the inspiration to write a song or two!

After her breakup with Blake Shelton in 2015, Miranda Lambert spent many a contemplative moment on her back porch. She named it the Magic Porch and wrote the song “Bluebird” while dealing with her past and looking forward to the future.

Her Nashville backyard includes a four-acre garden, a barbeque patio, a natural spring waterfall and a fishing pond.

In 2020, Miranda performed the song she wrote on that back porch from the very chair on the Country Music Television Celebrating Our Hero’s special. Click here to see the performance video.

Miranda found a new love, sold the Nashville home and bought a new one. She has fond memories of many a peaceful moment on her Magic Porch.

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