Incredible Pools
Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Estate

This pool is a stunner! It sits behind a 7,000 square foot summer home in Martha’s Vineyard. The 44th president, Barack Obama purchased the waterfront home in 2019 for a reported $12 million.

There is plenty of room in this home for many, many guests. There are 7 bedrooms inside and 30 acres of pristine beachfront property outside. In fact, the Obamas hosted 700 people in their home to celebrate Barack’s 60th birthday.

As the immigration debate rages on, plane loads of homeless families are arriving in Martha’s Vineyard from Florida. Local residents are outraged by the political stunts intended to show them how the influx of migrants is impacting the states of Florida and Texas.

The answer is out there somewhere. But, not in my backyard!

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