Incredible Pools

Be on the look out! Big Chicken restaurants will be popping up soon in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. And, why not? Shaquille O’Neil, owner of the Big Chicken restaurants loves Texas! He went to high school in San Antonio and was named “Mr. Basketball” in 1989.

Shaq bought a home in Carrolton, Texas to serve as his home base while the chicken restaurants open around the state. His new home was purchased for $1.2 million and has a big swimming pool and spa, a big covered patio and a huge rock waterfall.

Shaq spends his working hours these days as a sports analyst on TNT.  And, he’s an entrepreneur franchising 40 or more Big Chicken restaurants in Texas. His net worth is reported at over $400 million.

He sold “Shaqapulco,” his home in Orlando, Florida for $11 million. He entertained and lived the high life while playing for the Orlando Magic.

Shaq is over seven feet tall and wears a size 23 shoe.

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