Incredible Pools

This is one of the most famous patios in the USA.  It was designed by George Washington himself and has become the standard for backyards today.  Rarely seen in the 18th century, Mr. Washington extended the roof of Mount Vernon to cover the large front porch and provide additional outdoor living space. 

The patio overlooks the Potomac River because, you know, every self-respecting outdoor area includes water.  A pool, spa, fountain, pond or in this case a riverview and it’s own wharf and dock.  

Four outdoor gardens provided a colorful landscape and fresh fruits and vegetables year-round.  A large greenhouse was the focal point.  The original design included a vineyard but that didn’t work out.  It was converted to the fruit garden and nursery.  Our first president, George Washington, inherited this estate in 1761 and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the USA.

Mount Vernon is preserved by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association and attracts millions of visitors each year.  Visitors will see fireworks on Saturday, July 2, 2022. Then, on the 4th, they will see daytime fireworks and a big celebration.  The National Mall will put on a big fireworks show Monday night.

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