Incredible Pools

Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger has amassed a real estate portfolio worth well over $250 million. His properties span the globe and most feature outstanding Backyard Bays. One of our favorites is called Stargroves in Mustique in the West Indies. Mick rents this fabulous villa to the rich and famous when he’s not there.

This fabulous Balinese style property is comprised of 7 separate pavilions connected by raised wooden walkways. Six of the pavilions include large bedrooms with on suite bathrooms.

Our favorite feature of this lush property is the 25-foot freshwater swimming pool and the covered gazebo. Most areas of the house are just steps from this backyard bay landscaped in a traditional Japanese style and maintained by 2 full time gardeners. The ocean views are spectacular.

Be ready to fork over about $4,000.00 per night during the high season. Minimum stay is a week but I’m sure you can stay as long as you like.

Click here to see more details and make your reservation. Word has it that Mick personally approves each guest. He’s wants to filter out the roudy rock stars that cause too much damage.