The best way to achieve this is to put the proper amount of D.E. into a bucket & fill the bucket with water.  Mix the D.E. powder in the water until you have a slurry of D.E.  Using this method will ensure you get an even coat of D.E. on the filter grids.

With the pump running & the backwash valve set to the Filter position.  Slowly and gradually pour the D.E. slurry into the skimmer (it does not matter what skimmer you choose).  Sometimes you will have to mix 2 buckets to get the proper amount of D.E. into the filter to properly coat the filter grids.

Amount of D.E. required for your filter using a 2 pound scoop:

  • 36sqft = 7 scoops
  • 48sqft = 9 scoops
  • 60sqft = 12 scoops