Dive Into Recovery launched in 2011, the program was created as part of the mission of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals Greater Houston Chapter (APSP). They recognize that the health benefits of a backyard swimming pool is vast and should be accessible to those families in need of the health benefits regardless of their financial situation.

Each year application submissions will be accepted by individuals or families in the Greater Houston Area for the pool donation at their home. The submissions are accepted and the APSP board will then review the applications and go through their rigid selection process, developed to be neutral and question point based to make the selection fair and consistent, year after year.

Then at the beginning of each year at the Annual Association of Pool & Spa Professionals Greater Houston Chapter’s Awards Meeting the board will present that year’s Dive Into Recovery’s pool donation recipient. The inaugural year’s recipient was First Lieutenant Daniel Ebarb with the gift of a swimming pool, changing his life forever.