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What are drawbacks of not using acid?


I used to fight black algae when I used acid. Then I had pool re-plastered 3 years ago & don’t use acid any longer (only use chlorine). No more algae problems without acid. What are drawbacks of not using acid?


Acid is used to lower the pH in a swimming pool.

If you are using 3 inch tablets to chlorinate the swimming pool, you will not use as much acid as the pH of the tablets is approximately 3.5.

If the pH is too low it can damage your plaster, equipment and increase your swimming pool’s chlorine demand.

If the pH is too high it will cause scaling on the plaster and equipment. Also,the chlorine is no longer as effective as it needs to be which can then lead to problems.

It is important to understand that the use of acid plays an important role in maintaining a proper pH level which in turn is crucial to maintaining a balanced swimming pool.

The use of acid did not cause your black algae problems. Use acid as required to maintain a pH range of 7.2-7.8.

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