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How do I backwash a sand filter with a dial valve?

Here are some instructions you can follow to backwash your sand filter:

  1. Make sure the pool is full of water before you begin the backwashing process.
  2. Turn off the pump & rotate the dial valve to the Backwash position.
  3. Turn on the pump, watch the sight glass until the water is clear.
  4. Turn off the pump & rotate the valve to the Rinse position.
  5. Turn on the pump for 30 seconds or until water in the sight glass is clear.
  6. Turn off the pump and rotate the valve back to the original filter position.
  7. Turn on the pump & make sure the pool is circulating as expected.
  8. The Waste position option on your multiport valve will divert the water coming from the pump away from your filter and straight out the waste line.  This can be used with caution to drain some water from your pool or vacuum heavy debris from the bottom of the swimming pool.  But remember, you are draining water from the swimming pool and it may need to be refilled to the proper levels if to much is drained.

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